Our story began in May 2009 in a small village of Burgundy, France called Villeferry. Chief Confiturier of The Gourmet Jar, Apeksha Jain, discovered Banana Jam while on a holiday there, and it was love at first bite.

On her return to India in 2010, Apeksha was running a food blog, and missing the flavour of the Banana Jam, and being passionate about cooking, she decided to give it a try herself.


She got busy experimenting in the kitchen, added some rum & cinnamon to her banana jam…..and the first batch of Banana Rum Jam was created! After experimenting with more flavours & seeing a demand from her friends and family for what she was creating, Apeksha decided to turn her passion into a business and The Gourmet Jar was born in her home kitchen in 2012, using real ingredients to make real food, real good.

At TGJ, we aim to bring the magic in your kitchen with our range of delectable condiments (preserves, honey, mustard, sauces, and savoury spreads) in unique flavour combinations, handmade with 100% pure & natural ingredients, and 0% preservatives & chemicals. We follow a made-from-scratch, small-batch philosophy, that ensures every jar is packed with flavour.

All our products are made with a lot of love, care & attention put in by our team of smiling & hard-working women who ensure you get the perfect balance of flavours in every jar!

We source most of our ingredients from farmers across the country to ensure we use only the best quality of produce. After all, beautiful & honest ingredients make delicious food! Bring out the masterchef in you with our range of condiments and delight your family & friends.

Cooking gourmet food has never been this easy!