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Sweet, spicy, tangy, hot and what not! The TGJ Collection is all about the flavours you just need to have in your life.

Our Story

Our story began in May 2009 in a small village of Burgundy, France called Villeferry. While on holiday there, I discovered a Banana Jam that was unlike anything I've had before.....freshly made without anything artificial, it was love at first bite. After moving back to India in 2010, I started a food blog, and missing the taste of Banana Jam so much, while being a passionate cook, I decided to give it a try myself. I got busy experimenting in the kitchen, added some rum & cinnamon to my banana jam…..and the first batch of Banana Rum Jam was created!

After experimenting with more flavours & seeing a demand from my friends and family for what I was creating, I decided to turn my passion into a business and The Gourmet Jar was born in my home kitchen in 2012, using real ingredients to make real food, real good. And so I became a French teacher turned food blogger turned accidental entrepreneur!

- Apeksha Jain, Founder & Chief Confiturier

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Loved by 50000+ families

"Just received a wonderful jar of strawberry preserve it tastes so fresh and tangy thank you so much. Also thank you for the free samples of the pasta sauces. It was such a pleasant surprise would love to order more."

"Hello my name is Anusha. My family and I received a Gourmet Jar gift basket from a family friend a few weeks ago. I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I absolutely love your products. My Favorites are the mango & jalapeno preserve and vanilla infused honey. Cant wait to order more of your products. Thanks for giving me a great tasting experience."

"Hey Guys we are in the midst of this chaos and the parcel we received from you was a soft pat telling me that good taste is still here for me and for all of us, to relish, and enjoy A fan of almost everything I brought and the best first time experience I have ever had. Especially a fan of the tomato garlic spread. Keep up the great work."

"I CANT BELIEVE HOW AMAZING ALL OFF THESE THINGS ARE. DAMN! I especially loved the basil pasta sauce but my friend is just real into your red pepper pesto. Also the marmalade is GREAT! And I didn’t think the jamun preserve would be good, because I don’t like Jamun. BUT WHAAAT It’s soooooo goooooooooood. Thanks a ton really. Keep up the quality and the service and I’m sure you guys will be waaaayyyy bigger than you are!!! Much love."

"Gourmet Jar has been part of my life since 2016 and basil pasta sauce is my favorite! Already love the work that you do."

"I absolutely loved your pesto combo! The basil was just as I had imagined and so was the sundried tomato one. And thank you for the wonderful samples you sent across! The wholegrain mustard won the entire family over! Ordering that soon."

"I was soooo looking forward to getting these on my hands and finally I did! The moment it came I couldn’t wait to dig and rest is food coma. Half a jar down just like that :D I loved the sensible packaging and also the custom note. A sample of the new Jalapeno ketchup was the highlight. Now I have to go back and order again! Thanks Akriti."

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