The Gourmet Jar

Our Philosophy

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Farm To Jar

We source most of our ingredients from farmers across the country to ensure we use only the best quality of produce. After all, beautiful & honest ingredients make delicious food!

We Believe In Empowering Women

 All our products are made with a lot of love, care & attention put in by our team of smiling & hard-working women who ensure you get the perfect balance of flavours in every jar!

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Bring Your Table Alive

Our delectable range of preserves, mustard, dips, sauces, spreads & honey are made with 100% pure & natural ingredients, and 0% preservatives & chemicals. We follow a made-from-scratch, small-batch philosophy, that ensures every jar is packed with flavour.

The Magic In Your Kitchen

Bring out the masterchef in you with our range of condiments and delight your family & friends. Cooking gourmet food has never been so easy!

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